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Tea Britt Project Announces Non-Affiliation with 3328 Georgia Ave Washington DC and Exciting New Ventures


Washington DC, August 4, 2023 - Tea Britt Project, consisting of Jane365, DMMiFF, and DMV Nude, with Tanecia Britt at the helm, is announcing that it is no longer associated with the location at 3328 Georgia Ave, Washington DC. We would like to clarify that we have no ties to the current tenants operating in that space.
During this transition, Tea Britt Project successfully brought its creative vision to fruition, resulting in tremendous growth and exciting new opportunities. We are proud to stress that our business plan and model were developed solely by our team and remain unique to us.
Despite facing the unfortunate situation of having our business model, plan & ideas allegedly stolen by the current tenants, it is essential to recognize that we (Tanecia Britt specifically) are the original creators of the business model implemented at 3328 (including all other endeavors established by Tea Britt Project) and no one else can claim that distinction. This serves as a testament to our dedication and innovation as a team in the industry.
We are now eagerly looking forward to our new location, where our valued guests can continue joining us on our exceptional experiences. Tea Britt Project remains committed to providing an unparalleled experience and quality offerings that have made us a trusted name in the community.

For further updates and details on the exciting future endeavors of Tea Britt Project, please visit our website at

About Tea Britt Project:
Founded by Tanecia Britt, Tea Britt Project is an umbrella company comprising Jane365, DMMiFF, and DMV Nude. With a passion for creativity and delivering top-notch experiences, Tea Britt Project aims to revolutionize the industry through its unique vision.

Media Contact:
Quinn D.
Media Relations

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