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Maya is a woman plagued by anxiety. Disenchanted and desperately seeking relief, Maya turns to the popular weed delivery app, Jane365, in search of solace.

As Maya indulges in the calming effects of cannabis, an unexpected twist emerges - an imaginary friend named played by actor Mayson Proctor. Through the imaginary friend’s guidance, Maya learns to navigate her troubled psyche and finds support in managing her anxiety.

Our team is proud to have created a film that tackles important themes surrounding mental health and highlights talent in the LGBTQ+ community. As we celebrate diversity in storytelling, it was a conscious decision to cast a Transgender lead actor like Mayson Proctor, who brilliantly captures the essence of Mayson's character while adding authenticity and depth to the narrative.

By showcasing characters from underrepresented backgrounds, "Jane365" sheds light on universal struggles faced by individuals experiencing anxiety. It aims to build empathy and understanding towards those living with mental health issues while challenging social norms and stereotypes.

From the very beginning, our vision for this film was to create an authentic portrayal of diverse experiences, paying tribute to the resilience and strength within marginalized communities. We believe that representation matters in storytelling, as it fosters inclusivity and provides a platform for unheard voices to resonate with audiences worldwide.

"Jane365" is more than just a short film; it is an opportunity for us all to reflect on the power of understanding, compassion, and self-discovery. We hope that through our storytelling, we can inspire conversations about mental health and foster a more inclusive society that embraces differences without judgment.

Status: Completed
Type: Short Film
Year: 2022


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